Celebrate everything and your whole life becomes a work of art.

If you sometimes feel a wave of happiness for no apparent reason other than that you are still breathing, that is an indication you are ready for joy. Joy is the attitude that it is good to be alive. We have what we need, and that fills us up. There is nothing -- I repeat: nothing! -- as important as day-to-day life. If we respond to beauty in the every-day acts of kindness, the beauty of a face, the beauty of a wild creature roaming freely in it's habitat, we are experiencing joy. Joy really does depend on where we put our attention. Day-to-day life, with it's trials and tribulations, with it's victories and delights, with all it's contradictions, is where love grows, where kindness abounds, where joy is found. This is the creative approach.

I have a wonderful career as a psychotherapist working with individuals, couples and families.

I also have a knack for drawing cartoons, but I didn’t discover this artistic twist until…well…I’m not in the mood to reveal my age, so let’s just say I didn’t start drawing until I was mature. 

I invite you to visit my cartoon counseling blog. I do not offer counseling on the blog, that I do in person.  What I offer on my blog is a creative perspective on life. For me, creative expression is the cure for angst, boredom, fear, depression, stress and self-doubt. You don't need to paint a picture or write a symphony or invent the next big thing to master the art of creative living but you do need to be willing to be an original. You have to risk becoming the you, you want to be. Take a chance, be open and let your creative and sensitive side show. 

It is my hope that these cartoons inspire you to find your unique creative perspective on yourself and your life. 

For questions or to schedule an appointment email: judy@judyford.com