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Every Day Love: The Delicate Art of Caring for Each Other

A peek into love that comforts and thrives, Every Day Love is filled with stories and experiences that are often overlooked as insignificant. These small moments from the heart of a relationship are actually nothing less than the nuts and bolts of loving. Full of tiny tales of lovers' quarrels, heartaches, and glorious triumphs, this book gives readers snapshots of the loving nuances that transform our differences into common bonds, the small yet noteworthy actions that keep love fresh, every day.

Single: The Art of Being Satisfied, Fulfilled, and Independent

Single is . . . not a condition to be cured . . . it's just as natural as being part of a couple. A sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and always uplifting collection of true-life experiences and practical wisdom that helps readers celebrate their single status. A one-of-a-kind self-help book that speaks a universal language to singles everywhere. Single is about upholding the most enduring relationship of all: the one we have with ourselves. Judy gets many letters and emails from readers who say this book changed their lives. 

Wonderful Ways to Love a Child

A loving prescription for strengthening the bond between a parent and child. Awarded the Family Channel's Seal of Quality.

Wonderful Ways to Love a Teen: Even When it Seems Impossible

Down-to-earth, kind, astute, and funny.

Wonderful Ways to Be a Family

Practical and simple suggestions that can make tremendous difference in your family. Includes the parenting with love and laughter quiz.

Between Mother and Daughter: A Teenager and Her Mother Share the Secrets of a Strong Relationship

Judy and her daughter, Amanda, wrote this book together and it includes each author's point of view. Each chapter begins with a scenario that relates to common issues between mothers and daughters -- dating, sex, clothes, housework, drugs, and more -- followed by each author's individual perspective. 

Wonderful Ways to Be a Stepparent

A warm, practical guide to creating a harmonious blended family.

Wonderful Ways to Love a Grandchild

"Nothing less than a fantastic product." --The Crayon Report


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