"I wish you well on your journey of self discovery."

Judy Ford is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from the University of Washington. She maintains a psychotherapy practice in Kirkland, Washington. She is also a best selling author, mother, friend and inspirational role model. She has been studying love and relationships for over three decades specializing in love, loss and the things that matter most. Articles on her work have appeared in O: The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Woman's Day and Family Circle among others. Her media appearances have included Oprah, CNN and National Public Radio. With compassion and candor, her work speaks to the heart, inspiring us to love life, to persevere through its challenges and to share our gifts with others.

What clients say about working with Judy:

"There comes a point when we have to be willing to move on from our yesterdays and even our todays. We have to decide, what now? This is when I met Judy Ford. Judy encouraged me to find something meaningful for me. I learned that it's not selfish to do something for myself. So, with Judy's help, at the age of 52, I discovered I could write. Who knew? Now, two years later, I have just completed my third screenplay. And I'm not done yet! Thank you Judy for helping me discover this passion." -Dave McRae, Writer

"Judy Ford brings a touch of faerie dust to whatever she touches. She has a way of bringing you to your higher self where you transcend your day to day pain and can see it more clearly. I have seen whole audiences transformed  from dreary grey to an illuminated sparkle. It's fun to be around as this lasts for a while and people relate in a more loving and less fearful way. How she does this, I still don't know. Partly, she shares deep things about herself and partly it's her own inner sparkle coming out and bathing the rest of  us."  -Dr. Jay Schelecter, author of Intimate Friends.

"What a privilege to call Judy my special avant-garde friend, the one who teaches and inspires me, the one who knows no boundaries of love and adventure." -Suzie Suther

"I didn't even know I had a creative streak until I started counseling and discovered myself in a new way. I won first prize in a photography show and would not have even entered without Judy's continually believing in me." --A computer guy

"Judy has a magical way of facilitating interaction and awareness of self." -Nancy Davis

"Judy is a powerful and exciting speaker." -Bob Maphet

"The greatest single benefit I gained from attending this conference was Judy Ford sharing her real life experiences." -Sharon Michael

"Your presentation was very dynamic, inspirational and entertaining! By the end of your presentation you had the audience in the palm of your hand. I heard nothing but praise for you and your presentation." -Phil Finger, Washington Council of High School-College Relations

"I can honestly tell you that your presentation did more to boost moral and lift our spirits than any other speaker, team building event or sales contest that's come through our doors over the past three years." -Kimberly Steffens, Air Touch Cellular

For questions or to schedule an appointment email: judy@judyford.com